Welcome to Swimrite

SWIMRITE is a nationwide swimming programme for children, introducing and teaching skills needed for confident and competent participation in all water activities. The ability to swim is a very important part of a child’s development, not only for the enjoyment that it brings, but to ensure their safety.

The SWIMRITE swimming course is a unique way of teaching swimming. It is designed to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers.


Our teachers create a fun-filled class using specialised equipment and the teaching method is one of reassuring and encouragement, thereby eliminating the intimidating effect of not knowing how to swim.

Our aim is to teach children to swim and to develop a love for water. SWIMRITE is for all children, regardless of existing ability.

Learning to swim is a life skill that every parent wishes a child to master.

At the very least, it is a safety measure, but what about the long-term value of swimming?

Swimming is an excellent choice of activity for children as it promotes health and also has therapeutic value.Now…

What we offer:

We provide Swimming lessons from ages 6 months and order.

For the ages between 6 months and two years, we request that either one of the parents climb into the water with the child just to provide comfort for the child and holding them while the coach assist you. This is the baby classes and take place either on a Monday 17h00 – 17h30, Tuesday afternoon for 12:45 – 13:15 or on a Wednesday morning from 09h45 – 10h15, or on Wednesday afternoon from 17h00 – 17h30.
Times are dependent on available spaces. We will provide you with available times as soon as we receive your application form.

We do provide Transport for the following schools:

• Little Blessings (Mon)
• Noordjieland (Mon)
• Learning Mill (Mon)
• Oosie Teddies (Mon)
• Bubble Bekkies (Mon)
• Northern Christian Academy (Mon)
• Anointed trinity Marchall street (Tue)
• Mickey & Minnie (Tues)
• Suikerbekkie (Tue)
• Kraaines (Tues)
• Stepping Stones (Tues)
• Eagles Nest (Gr.R’s Tuesday, Gr. 1 – Gr.3 Thursday)
• Wonderland Gr.R’s (Tues)
• PCS (Tuesday)
• Maria Montesorri (Tues)
• Winnie de Pooh (Wednesday)
• Eminence Montessori (Wednesday)
• Lucky Beans (Wednesdays)
• Prestige Daycare (Wed)
• Annointed Trinity Dorp street (Wed)
• Bet Shalom (Wed)
• Jabez (Wednesdays)
• Angelsplay (Thursday)
• Oosskool Gr.R (Thursday)
• Edublox (Thursday)
• PEMPS (Thursday)
• Wonderland (Friday)
• Noordskool (Friday)

Swimming lessons for learners attending at the above-mentioned schools will swim once a week for 40 minutes.

They will be picked up at school on their specified time, brought to our facility, swim for 40 minutes and be returned to school afterwards.

If your child is not attending at a school mentioned above, don’t worry. We still have a place for him/her. They will swim twice a week (2x 20 minutes lessons), 40 minutes in total, in the afternoons, either on a Monday and Wednesday, or a Tuesday and Thursday, whereby you just going to have to provide transport. Available times will be provided as soon as we receive your application form.

For Adult swimmers, lessons take place on every Monday &Wednesday from 17:20 – 17:50 in the afternoons,

No lessons will take place on school & public holidays and in thunder weather. Please note: that we do not offer any catch-up lessons for these circumstances.

What you will need…

  • Full body swimming costume
  • Swimming cap
  • Swimming goggles
  • Towel

Now, let gets started with the process…

In order for you, or your child to start with swimming, we first need the Application form to be completed and submit.

Please make sure to read the Terms & Conditions carefully!! So that you would know that we are closed in July and December for which you don’t pay for, and that there is no expiry on your contract. The only way to terminate it, is to give us TWO paid calendar months’ written notice, before AT the end of a Term.

As soon as we receive your application form, it will be processed and you will receive an Invoice with swimming times provided of which you can choose, and a unique Reference number to make your payments to. Banking details will be on the invoice.